Maslow's Eupsychian Management

"I became an immediate convert--Maslow's evidence is overwhelming.
But to date very few people have paid much attention."
Peter Drucker, 1999

"Eupsychian Management...could be regarded as Maslow's reply to Das Kapital."
Colin Wilson, 1972 in New Pathways in Psychology

"He wrote it to bring McGregor and me down to earth."
Peter Drucker, 1995

What Maslow said:

"Authoritarians must be converted or they must be excluded."

"It is only when people get righteously indignant over being swindled, that people will
tend to stop swindling. If swindling pays, then it will not stop."

"The definition of a good society is one in which virtue pays."

"Proper management of the work lives of human beings, of the way in which
they earn their living, can improve them and improve the world and in this sense
be a utopian or revolutionary technique."

The Eupsychian Assumptions

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