This is from the last paragraph in Maslow's journals, May 7, 1970.
"What the kids and the intellectuals—& everybody else too—need is an ethos, a scientific value system & way of life & humanistic politics[emphasis added], with the theory, the facts, etc., all set forth soberly--an alternative system to the one offered by the stupid hoodlums & the amoral or antimoral intellectuals. Always I come to this conclusion, & always it has been effective. I have after all done much of this job already, & it's already being effective with a sizable group, even if not as sizable as it should be. So again I must say to myself: to work!

One can understand why Colin Wilson has said that Maslow's real contribution wouldn't be realized until the 21st Century. This is what we are consciously--and subconsciously-- grasping for now.