The Aggridant Gene

by Nidus Systems

Maslow : Psychology :: Einstein : Physics

Bandera, Costa Rica:
The B-science Division of Humanus Systems, genetic enhancement giant, announced today that it has at long last secured the patent rights to virtue, adding to its ownership of ethics and mathematical intelligence. Humanus Systems has also announced their intention to give virtue to the Eupsychian Community.

The rights to virtue were hotly contested by both Microsoft and the RLDS-Core in a 1.4 trillion dollar lawsuit. The Eupsychian Community is now positioned for certain leadership.

"Now virtue will never be for sale in the D-realm," states Lars Verdstrom, CEO of Humanus. "We can now guarantee that virtue will belong to everyone. Paradic design guarantees that B-men will not only endure, they will prevail," he continued.

Stay tuned for developments...

First, listen to Maslow's own words on the biology of values.

In 1924, Abe Maslow wrote an article in Principia--his high school physics newspaper--about the possibility of atomic powered boats and submarines. Science fiction! Twenty years later, the prediction made perfect sense. In the 1960's, after devoting his career to the study of human nature (with the second highest I.Q. ever tested by Thorndike), Maslow described the aggridant. We are about to discover one reason why people like Edward Hoffman (Maslow's biographer), Colin Wilson (New Pathways in Psychology, The Outsider, etc.) and other scholars have said that Maslow's real contribution wouldn't be until the 21st century.

Maslow knew the importance and implications of his findings, and worked tirelessly and courageously to highlight the biological, genetic nature--and power--of the values that operate in "the best human beings." Today, we fully accept the genetic nature of mental illness and disease. It necessarily follows that we will eventually find the genetic footprints for wellness. We will be able both decrease illness and increase health. But not many psychologists have spent time studying and describing the "really healthy" mind. Who are our best examples? Who are our most capable mentors? And how do we multiply them enough to reach a tipping point which rids our species of the cancer of evil?

By insisting on a focus on the best people rather than those with stunted growth, Maslow changed the Weltanschauung of Western psychology. Health was the key, not disease, because fixing disease only addresses problems, not growth. Even with all disease gone, one can still have a psychologically flat population. In terms of engineering a healthy, advancing society, we must use healthy leaders--the best specimens of human nature. We need superiors. Yet where are they? Where are they to be found?

Maslow might now be howling from his grave: "Danger Will Robinson." In the United States, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are under attack by too-powerful schlemiels. Governments have become cesspits run by inferior instantiations of our species who demonstrate stunted growth, authoritarianism and thinking which is reduced to the concrete. To grow, we need more fully developed leaders and mentors who demonstrate the value virtue .

American society and the American Dream are also in grave danger because of the exquisitely unfortunate fact that roughly 95% of our species are followers--not leaders (dominant alphas). Hitler knew this when he said, "What good fortune for those in power that people do not think." The many are easily controlled by the few, especially if those in power have working knowledge of the social calculus. (cf. C.W. Mills).

A critical part of this social calculus (which was perhaps described best by Huxley when he said "We are all individual molecules of a great social gas.") is what could be called the B-calculus, which involves, among many other things, the continua of two variables: factual human superiority and dominance. Superiority ranges from the mentally crippled and insane on one end to the best examples of the species on the other--which include human beings like Christ, Mohammed and Ghandi--the real fighters. Specimens like Einstein and Maslow are superior, to be sure, but were more endomorphic and internal intellectuals. The important point here is that the B-calculus factors in superiority in the sense of dominance. The most superior of our species are those who change big things for the better. (Of course, this is perhaps not true because without the influence of both Christ and Mohammed we might have less violence, hatred, etc.)

We have to carefully consider the implications of Maslow's Theory Z here, because the implication is that factual superiority--in the sense of changing the course of history-- involves the necessity of the transcendent "add-on."

Dominance is the easier variable, to be sure. Everyone knows the difference between the bully and the B-fighter. Dominance also includes factors such as perseverence, courage, etc. Interestingly, we are aware of dominance at the intuitive level. We just "know" dominance and submissiveness at the tissue level. It's built in, which is extremely important in working the B-calculus in social engineering.

The two variables, factual superiority and dominance, it must be remembered, run along continua. They are not binary propositions, except, perhaps, for the transcendent factor. Along these continua, one finds analog gradations of course, but the secret when it comes to catalysis are the loadings. The foursquare points, then, are superiority, inferiority, dominance and submissiveness (which I will call "indominance" to neutralize the negative feeling of the word "submissive" in terms of going overboard and asking to be mounted, punished, etc.) "Indominance" is also more normative because this is where 95% of the population falls.

Superior-Indominants and Inferior-Indominants are unfortunately left on the scrap heap of history, so the important two corners involve the Dominant-Inferiors and the Dominant-Superiors.

Dominant Inferiors have great influence but cripple and damage healthy species growth. They bully and terrorize, at the low end of their continuum, and they mentor from authoritarianism at the high end. They live in the jungle world rather than the brotherly world. They are D-motivated (deficiency motivated)--never having enough lucre, neurotically hoarding, fighting like dogs on a garbage heap, playing the Zero Sum game, keeping the belly full with the flesh of others if necessary, loyal only to blood family, etc. They are Huffington's hogs at the trough. They are the Cheney types and the greedy CEO types. For the sake of simplicity, they will be labeled simply authoritarians. Maslow pegged them well: "They would make dice out of their mother's knuckle bones." And he insisted that the only way to treat them is like the bastards they are and to break their backs.

Dominant-Superiors are the aggridants, and are motivated by the intrinsic values of truth, beauty, goodness, justice, fairness, etc. These are the B-values or Being-values and B-motives. The aggridant scientist loves truth and fights hard for it; the B-lawyer loves justice and sacrifices his eyeballs and brain cells for it; the artist starves yet must creates, etc. Not only do these people love the B-values, they are fighters for them. One thinks of Bill Moyers here. He is a fighter, to be sure, with courage enough to stand against the injustice of elitism and hubris with persistent reminders and dead-on sensors. For him and other fighters for justice and equality, there is little difference between the sting of torture with the electric cord and the sting of sleeping in the cold while Nero fiddles. True B-warriors (now Eudemons, I reckon) allow themselves to become angry at injustice, lies, greed, hubris, authoritarianism, etc., and their motivation always involves the many. But theirs is B-anger, which borrows from Schopenhauer and makes their opponents laugh to beat them down. Only the porch sociopath can blow himself up well when laughing himself to tears. Some people are just too damned serious. This is why P-chem class can be difficult, because the expert stoichiometrists understand correctness and insist on it. They just don't have to make us prove it over and over until we implode. Better just to take it on faith and then go play in the lab. The curious ones will still show up. Some approach stoichiometry from above rather than below.

The crucial problems for societies today are: (a)that there are more authoritarians than aggridants; and (b) these loadings seem to describe two branches of the human species--oil and water. In our kennel, there are more pit bulls than collies. The only hope for the collies, in the end, is strength in numbers, yet they, like the laid off workers and the homeless, are simply devoured when the bellies of the pit bulls become empty. Remember "Time Machine" by H. G. Wells? Eventually, the collies will be exterminated, just as the American middle class is being exterminated. The big danger is that the calculus of it works just like it has worked for all of those people who have lost their middle names to computer encroachment. Today, there can be no "J. Robert Oppenheimer." Just think about that for a minute and how easily it happened while we slept. Then think of the Patriot Act.

Where are Faulkner and Maslow when you need them? The last ding-dong of doom may be upon us, and we need the return of that spirit which will help the B-humans not only endure, but prevail. It's all summarized in "The Day the Earth Stood Still."