Maslow and Drucker Agree

In his "Management Challenges for the 21st Century" Drucker says:
"Very few of the expenditures for the future produce results unless maintained at a stable level over substantial periods. This goes for work on new products, new services and new technologies; for the development of markets and customers and distribution channels, and above all, for the development of people."

Maslow would say that the organization which best cares for the development of people will win in the end.

Ben Cohen: "The community supports that business that supports the community."

What could be simpler and more attainable. Everyone should be in the business of developing people. Who does it best?

BUT WAIT! Doesn't "developing people" mean "making better people?" Who defines the "better person?" If we can't trust the priests or the politicians, who can we trust? How do we know? Better get out that thinking cap, dude. [Trouble is, there are very few old timers left who know how to knit them and which grasses and roots and buds to incorporate in the mix. The buds are for reporduction and the growing tips are for energy. I guess this means that buds are sexy]