Moving from the D-Web to the B-Web


Step one is to move from Windows to Linux, no matter how painful the fun.

It's simply the price of moving up the hierarchy. Open means community, social, ours, etc. The underlings (slightly lesser forms) are D-motivated: turned on by D-capitalism, swindling, D-marketing, deficiency Weltanschauung, etc. If people want to fight like dogs on a scrap heap over nothing of real value, let them have their own world down in the jungle. There are those who would live in a more mature world, where reason and planning for a good future are just as important as the new BMW. Remember, a real addict won't stop until he gets the Maybach. For others, it's just a car. Look what they do in Cuba. Hell, the cars still run and are probably well-tuned. Think of what Maslow meant here. An artist paints,...,even though he's poor. He can't not do it. And how many musicians play in the street because they can't think of anything they would rather do? Now think about the computer folks. Who are the real artists? Those who say they are, or those that bear code. Same thing all around. And how much would you pay to work with nice people, etc.

It is now possible to design personal Linux systems that browse the web by any kid who lives in your neighborhood. If you're someone who likes to surf, then consider picking up a cheap laptop or dusting off a old PC. Ask around and you're good. If you have a solid browser, you can do without two. Hell, some of us old timers with IP numbers can even use X terminals, some RPC and a little wireless card for the visor. That's a nice Manhattan. But you know something? You can't sell IP numbers like domains! Somebody has to make that drink for you.

Good people don't hold food behind their backs if they're full any more than good doctors race to castrate living persons.

The only way to get away from all the crap is to push throug an envelope into a better place. Arguing and protesting does little good, even though one often needs to get a yell in for old Josh or whatever. Pushing through it takes some guts but it's well worth it for those who have learned what self-esteem really means.

Being free of the Death Grip is definitely a peak experience, and shouldn't be underestimated.

[ASIDE] The idea of a keyword generator is ridiculous and metamorphically crippled because it lacks intention. Keywords are beacons. A keyword generator is like letting ptx run with every possible word. Words are the wires that hook up the ideas. Best to have a good programming language.

Step two is in the works.