Eupsychian Gaming Theory

Eupsychian gaming theory involves the hierarchical integration of aggridants which are in conflict. If Maslow is correct in terms of this historical perspective, something will soon need to emerge at higher level of interest for growth to continue. Once knowledge and discovery meet, who but D-men will want to clean the toilets?

This new force could well be the Orthomentor--the conceptual nidus of correctness. It is the Zeitgeist with balls. Any binding concept needs B-gravity (B-gravitas or B-power) if we are operating at the value level. And like it or not, some people--and conceptual nidi--have more appeal than others. Enter stoichiometry and tipping point calculus, and away we go.

So the goal is to maximize the B-values across existing domains of wisdom. The game is to discover the prime value clusters and build the system outwards from them.

The B-values represent a kind of projection of aptitudes, if you follow it all through, and when we have the Orthomentor, those at the "top of their game" will attract hierarchies of individuals (objects) with value-mentor vectors. This is more or less a three dimensional sociogram that correlates mentor hierarchies to value clusters. It can be approached with traditional ANOVA.

We need to make hierarchies to the exemplars--those who are wise in the values they serve. Artists paint and create beauty, as welders weld and make something complete. The B-lawyer crusades for justice. The scientist struggles toward truth, as the editor does toward simplicity and completeness. But which people should percolate to the top as mentors? Which individuals are healthy enough?

Look at Google. If they are eupsychian, they will endure and grow. If they are of class aggridant they will concentrate value, and grow B-gravity. If not, they will begin to repel. The task is to bore down into the core and find the power source, a la C. W. Mills. Finding the B-vectors and the orthomentor strands.

Collect some friends and see Moon Europa; then process it. If we're going to get ahead, we have to make better hierarchies. These are made with rope, wire, blood and sweat, and they take lifefimes to construct. This is the web we live in, and it's our new home, so we'll need a new politics, especially when it comes to selection of the best among us in terms of suitability to the objectives.

Now who will pick up '' and get to work? We can work the levers if we think less about Ajax and more about objectives. We must value rationality. We must discover the hierarchies.

Huxley said, "We are all individual molecules in a great social gas." Well, we had Avagadro, and have Prigogine. And we have stoichiometry. We simply need to avoid mechanomorphic crippling.