Maslow and UNIX

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The essay question is: Which OS would Maslow use and why? (exclude CP/M for obvious reasons)

Re-reading "The UNIX Philosophy" by Mike Gancarz. Nice parallels to Maslow. Mechanomorphic crippling, for example, shows up on p. ix:

"Throughout the lectures on basic UNIX usage, I watched the frustrated looks on the students' faces. Despite the detailed information they received about pipes, shells, and filters, they just weren't getting the message. They memorized how people did things with UNIX well enough, but they lacked understanding of 'why UNIX?' in the first place."

The same thing has happened with Maslow. The hierarchy has been described ad nauseam, but we forget about the underlying concept. The question to ask is not "Full/Hungry?" but "Hungry/Not-Hungry?" The first is a dichotomy; the second lets us off in the middle. By getting off in the middle, we transcend the dichotomy. We just need to ask better questions, sometimes. This means going up rather than going off.

Another example involves simplicity. Why have the Hummer named Word when all you need is an Isetta to write a letta. Web pages, like blogs, like plug-ins, like software, should do one thing well. If the objective is to communicate, you can do that without 95% of the software that "helps" you. All you really need is fingers and vi. All the rest is sensors and stacks. And if you ken hierarchy, you ken neighborhood, which means that you know where to place your operating system. Maslow would say it simply, "Assume the OS is to be trusted." Besides, Bill is off swatting mosquitos and making up for his sins! Likewise for the mechonomorphic IDE's. This is the hammer and nail thing. Not everybody needs to know Flash. Just those who communicate in metalanguage. One must ask if it's better to know six languages or to know the native language six times better.

If all you have is Word, you have missed a good dance with vi, and if you haven't met vi, you haven't experienced simplicity and elegance. You can do a lot of damage with a small toolbox. Self-sufficiency. Self-efficacy. Sound familiar? vi is easy to please, and she minds well. Why move your hands? Ever wonder why IBM put those little red things on the J key?

You might ask about playfulness; (Why, I don't know). Well, what could be more fun that typing on your home machine and watching it go out spurting rather than watching it bleed out into the noise.

[/START but that is stop]
Also, change happens when approach-approach and approach-avoidance gravity is balanced, as in qubits in the Bell state. Conflict is minimized, etc. The gravity should be zero at the insertion point because the concept isn't in motion, like in a party full of biased polarities. If Theory Z is right, this is the balance point between convergent and divergent modes of thinking. Change happens when systems converge on the same objective, as in burning ants with a magnifying glass. This relates to the convergent side of the UNIX parallel. Hierarchy, simplicity, etc. To think divergently is to cross into the realm of users and the realm of value--the B-realm.

Gancarz says, "An operating system is a living, breathing software entity." If so, it has an actualization path and potential. And it can be said to have some form of health, so which OS is the healthiest? You might have to study the Blackfoot here. The main question to answer is about which OS will be left when the hackers engineer the self-destruction of the more sociopathic one? Think about the definition of sociopath and see how this influences your decision. If we're going DCE, we need the three-headed mutt, remember? Kerbie can smell the stinkers and keep them out, just like Maslow tells us in the design of the membrane.

Hierarchy, simplicity, elegance, unity.... Do these sound like some of the B-values? And which operating system has more of them?

P.S. SEO depends on searcher's objectives, not fancy tricks. You have to become a part of the objectives, and appeal to both the convergent thinker and the divergent thinker. For the salesman, this means good product knowledge and being a pointer to the best resources. When the salesman at Best Buy starts playing the organ you asked him about, you have a problem. It basically boils down to hard work. Maslow covers this in his chapter on the eupsychian salesman and customer.

Isn't it better to say something is either beautiful or not beautiful rather than ugly or beautiful? Better engineering if you're on your way towards beauty. The others are on their way to null or depravity. Example of how instruments can teach concepts.