A Psychology for the Peace Table


  1. Principle of Hierarchical Integration. One must work UP the hierarchy in terms of solving the problems of terrorism, evil, and the like. Black-white must become the beautiful gray. Focus on the BEST that human nature has to offer rather than on mere remedies for damaged minds. The example here is, simply, that terrorism is not good design. B-design involves creating the beautiful gray rather than destroying black or white. Religion should involve transcendence, not insistence. The solution that will work, in the end, is the beautiful solution, not the ugly one. This is elegance. Etc.
  2. Focus on the B-realm and the B-values rather than the D-values. Focus on what's possible rather than what's broken.
  3. The exact definition of terrorism must be available to and understood by everyone, because it might eventually define the lowest level of acceptable behavior as a human being. Falling below this level, one is best seen as cripple or a schlemiel--retarded rather than evil. He is inferior biologically in some fashion. Is the terrorist to be considered evil, or simply retarted?
  4. Deprivation of Truth leads to paranoia. We all need facts. The truth is good for us more than bad. Agencies that seek to keep us too much in the dark throttle the flow of data to the growing tip of society-- the aggridants.
  5. Etc.