Solving the Right Man Problem in American Politics

Consider Colin Wilson's notions about Van Vogt's "Right Man" in A Criminal History of Mankind. Our process has become psychotic--out of touch with reality--because we percolate the "Right Man" rather than the correct man. We force hubris to the top rather than virtue. This has become all too painfully apparent.

Also consider the group underpinnings of Maslow's "Politics 3" and Margaret Mead's note that man is a group animal.

If the process of electing a President is based on incomplete knowledge and a false aggridant, then this obvious flaw in the system can be corrected by electing a team rather than a man, and having the team elect the man and hold him responsible. Judging the team would involve simply listening to them in conversation, and maximizing their visibility. What could be simpler. Why didn't we see this before?