Good psychology goes up the hierarchy, whereas poor psychology goes down. Maslow would call it "proctopsychology." For example, when Dr. Phil got advice from Jerry Springer.

Ellen Herman warns us:

"In the late twentieth-century United States, we are likely to believe what psychological experts tell us. They speak with authority to a vast audience and have become familiar figures in most communities,..."

Try to find programs with VERY HEALTHY people talking. This means people who understand dichotomy transcendence. Anybody can avoid slugging their spouse, but few talk about how they made their relationships into B-relationships. This is a step up from kick boxing.

Same thing with gaming today! When will they grow up. The games, not the people.
Good example of brand hijack: Look up "Theory Z" and then "Maslow Theory Z"

I suppose it's time to start talking about B-ontologies now. But how can D-ontologies lead us to anything but leaders? And what are the ethics of the popularist?

Third culture forms at the boundary, not at one end or the other. You have to take B-gravity into account.

Concept vector oriented ontologies must identify classes of concepts along aptitude paths. Engineeers will best understand other engineers and can triangulate on the new concept best by using their unique vocabularistic calculus, especially when they are trying to imitate Hempel. Intellectuals will understand eventually.

SNR. Emergence starts small, and only the sensitive will see the form. One needs a good B-antenna design. Interocitor.

Principle Zero: You have to trap the divergent thinkers. See example.